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Troubleshooting Rep Server Environments (May 2012)

Troubleshooting Rep Server Environments (May 2012)

During this masterclass John will show how Replication Server provides an incredibly powerful and flexible infrastructure for transactional data movement. Since Replication Server topologies always involve multiple, distributed components working in concert, troubleshooting problems can be quite daunting at times. This session will explore each component — Rep Agents, Rep Servers, and DSIs — to help you understand how to diagnose difficult problems for yourself.

These slides were originally prepared and presented at TechWave 2011 by Ricardo Murcia, Principal Systems Consultant, Financial Services and will be re-presented
 with his permission.


16H00   Registration & Refreshments
16H30   Session Start
17H30   Questions
18H00   Close
18H30   Sybase Social, The Counting House


Sybase 365 Office, 47 King William Street, London

John Kirkwood, Sybase Consultant