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21/05/2014 Tips & Tricks for a successful ASE 15.7 Upgrade

21/05/2014 Tips & Tricks for a successful ASE 15.7 Upgrade

Raymond Ho, Senior Technology Consultant for SAP will cover reasons to upgrade to ASE 15.7 and share tips and tricks on how to successfully stage manage the process.

Remarkable performance gains from SAP Sybase ASE 15.7’s threaded kernel have given some customers a six fold increase in transaction throughput with lower CPU usage and unrivalled server responsiveness at peak workload periods.

Drawing from customer experiences, during this masterclass, Raymond will:

  • Examine the most frequently occurring problems with a typical ASE 15.7 upgrade
  • Give UKSUG members a better understanding of ASE 15.x’s Procedure Cache utilisation so they can avoid high CPU usage and server hang due to misconfigurations
  • Show how Statement Cache has finally come of age in ASE 15.7 andwith the right insights into its constraintshigh Cached Statement spinlock contention can be avoided to reliably deliver huge performance gains


12H30 - 14H00

SAP, Equitable House
47 King William Street
London   EC4R 9AF

Raymond Ho