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TechSelect 2018 (25 - 26 June 2018) - PRESENTATIONS

TechSelect 2018 (25 - 26 June 2018) - PRESENTATIONS

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Clive Barrell - Unlocking your mainframe - a modernisation journey

Jeremy Chubb - Financial Reference Data - how to ensure it’s integrity with Data Assurance

Darren Crowder - Digital Disruption

Stuart Grant - Regulatory Hub - Using SAP Data Management Platform as the basis of your Regulatory Reporting

Stuart Grant - Financial Use cases using the SAP Data Management Platform 

Chris Jones - Driving Global Transportation with SAP Sybase

Martin Luik - ASE 16 SP03 Memscale testing / Workload analyzer by SAP IT 

Javier Martin & Manesh Mistry - Journey to the Cloud – SAP Managed Data Services

Tom Oorebeek -  ASE Operations at SAP IT with a focus on Security – ASE Auditing

Ruairi Prendiville - Sysmon: Case Study

Reinoud Reynders - How to do an upgrade of a system while almost 25,000 healthcare providers in 29 hospitals are connected

David Rittenhouse - IQ indexes, what indexes to use in IQ 16 and what indexes not to use

David Rittenhouse - IQ 16 Tips and Tricks

Jeff Tallmann - Proc & Data Cache internals and tuning for ASE 16.0

Jeff Tallmann - SRS 16 Canonical Interface (CI) mode primer

Jeff Tallmann MDA tables: Case Study

Peter Thawley - HANA quickstart for ASE / IQ DBAs

Bart Van Kuijk - Support: Best Practices & Recent Developments

Gary Voller - SAP Leonardo: Faster Innovation with Less Risk

Neil Whitehead - SAP ASE Cloud Strategy

Neil Whitehead - Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)  Non-disruptive move to innovation 

Thierry Winckelmans - How to expand IQ with open source libraries

Joe Woodhouse - Case Study: ASE 16 HugePages and MemScale on RHEL




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