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SAP SQL Anywhere: A Database for the Internet of Things

SAP SQL Anywhere: A Database for the Internet of Things

Many Internet of Things (IoT) applications demand a reliable data store at the point of data collection and action, rather than relying on connections to the cloud for data. These include applications that must continue to operate in the face of unexpected network interruptions or latency, and applications that have complex data processing requirements.

SAP SQL Anywhere provides an ideal database for IoT use, and SAP Remote Data Sync provides a way to keep data current throughout an IoT deployment. These components allow you to create applications that use a local database, and then synchronizes with the cloud when a connection is available.

During this webinar, you will learn how you can leverage SAP SQL Anywhere in IoT use cases, to synchronize thousands of remote databases with a single cloud database, and see how SAP is using SQL Anywhere in its own IoT offerings.


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Over two decades ago, Tom Slee was the first person hired to write documentation for SQL Anywhere and he has stayed with the product through two acquisitions. He led the SQL Anywhere documentation team before moving to product management where he works today. Outside work Tom has a PhD in theoretical chemistry, has written widely on technology and society, and has                   both Canadian and UK citizenship.
16:00 HRS LONDON (08:00 AM PST)

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Tom Slee, Senior Product Manager, SAP