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SAP IQ 16 Features

SAP IQ 16 Features

During this TechCast Lou Stanton, Senior Technical Consultant for SAP Database Products at Bradmark will present an in-depth look at the various new SAP IQ 16 features; give you an understanding of the essential tasks of collecting, correlating and viewing IQ performance and availability metrics and address how IQ 16 delivers:

·         Significant data compression improvements resulting in more efficient data storage

·         Faster bulk and batch loads with a new parallel loading process

·         New internal query engine algorithms for even faster query response

During this session you will also learn how Surveillance IQ™ provides the essential tools for real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data repository and reporting to mitigate scheduled downtime and unplanned outages that stifle productivity, drain revenue and cause you grief.


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Lou Stanton, Sr Technical Consultant for SAP Databases Products and Bill Baker, Support Manager, Bradmark