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SAP in a Flash: The Game has Changed

SAP in a Flash: The Game has Changed

Learn how you can achieve better database performance at lower cost with a flash-based architecture.

Flash performance and game-changing storage economics are now available for SAP customers running SAP ASE applications. Join us for this special webinar to learn how you can dramatically increase performance and improve the TCO of running your database environments by adopting a flash-based storage architecture.

Compared to hybrid SSD and legacy architectures founded on disk-based designs, a Violin flash architecture can deliver 7-10x performance increases while reducing your hardware costs by up to 90%.

During this webinar, you‚ll learn about:

* Use cases that illustrate the power of an all flash foundation for your database applications
* Near-zero latency and linear scale-up and scale-out capabilities

* Performance testing results and TCO evidence from real-life customers
* Options to evaluate flash arrays certified for SAP ASE


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Shawn Blevins, Global Vice President, Violin Memory