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SAP Database Virtualization: Revolutionary Cloning Techniques

SAP Database Virtualization: Revolutionary Cloning Techniques

Learn how to conquer the #1 time drain for SAP administrators – creating and copying databases


Accelerate time to value and eliminate up to 90% of the storage and infrastructure costs associated with SAP ASE non-production databases.

Join us for this webinar from Delphix, an SAP-endorsed Business Solution Partner, who has released its solution for SAP ASE in partnership with SAP.

During this session, we will discuss and demonstrate how the combined solution can help you:


  Accelerate time to value through database and data self-provisioning in minutes to developers, quality assurance professionals, and business users

  Accelerate test and learning cycles by rapidly resetting environments after each testing/training run

  Maintain production-level security requirements in non-production scenarios with built-in data-masking capabilities

  Accelerate point-in-time testing/re-testing and quality assurance through the ability to rollback and recover databases to any previous point in time

Register today to join us for this educational event.

We look forward to sharing how this breakthrough technology pays for itself in a few short months, transforming businesses and IT departments of all sizes and across every industry segment.

18H00 UK

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Charles Moore, Product Marketing, Delphix and Jeff Biseda, Sr. SAP ASE Product Development Lead, Delphix