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SAP ASE Tips & Tricks

SAP ASE Tips & Tricks

By popular request, Rob Verschoor will join us in London to present his traditional roundup of useful SAP ASE-related topics that have received little or no attention elsewhere and that will be useful for any DBA or developer working with SAP ASE to know .   Specifically, this presentation will also include tricks that are used by SAP's Exodus migration tool when migrating PL/SQL code from Oracle to ASE.

12H00    Registration Tea & Coffee
12H10    SAP ASE Tips & Tricks Part I
13H00    Brief overview of SAP’s new product ASPE* by Mike Evans of Maximal
13H05    Sandwich Break
13H20    Tips & Tricks Part II
14H00    Q&A
14H30    Close


 This event has kindly been sponsored by Maximal MB.   ASPE is a combination of 3 main SAP Sybase products which include many of the additional options that were previously an additional cost.  ASPE is a single core licence that can be deployed and redeployed as ASE, Rep Server or IQ and its quite a revolutionary move for SAP to make these products available in this format.  Some of you will be aware of the new platform ( announced at the end of January ), Mike and his colleagues will be available over registration and lunch to answer any specific questions you may have. 

12H00 - 14H30

1 America Square, Cavendish Conference Centre,17 Crosswell Road, London, EC3N 2LB.  Nearest Tube:  Tower Hill


Rob Verschoor, Global DBMS Migration Lead, Migration Solutions, SAP Database & Technology